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Molding System Department

Knowledge and experience of all the details of injection-molding
  machines that continue improving

The injection-molding machine gives shape to all sorts of plastic products. The
Molding System Department is involved in the maintenance and after-sales
service operations of the machines. The department was established in 1970,
which is the year when the Company was established. Since that time, the
Department has been handling various types of machines and moving through
the years along with the history of the plastics industry and injection-molding
For the maintenance of injection-molding machines, knowledge of electrohydraulic
control and machinery is mandatory, and the finish of products is significantly
affected by temperatures and pressure levels. To keep the finish to a certain
level of precision, experience is required in addition to knowledge. Our
experience and abundant knowledge, as well as advanced technologies we obtained
in dealing with injection-molding machines for a long period of time, are
utilized to realize customers' needs in the form of trustful maintenance

We rapidly deal with problems of machines that run at capacity for
  24 hours both at home and abroad.

Modern society is full of plastic products. Life
without plastic cups, TV sets, telephones,
computers, and automotive parts is almost
unimaginable. For that reason alone, the roles
played by injection-molding machines are
important, and it is the current state that they
are forced to run at capacity for 24 hours. Therefore, the system is so
organized that rapid action can be taken for maintenance services and
after-sales service, including the abrupt occurrence of problems and the
procurement of raw materials.
Furthermore, as the plastics industry expands business overseas, both domestic
and overseas customer needs are being broadened. The Department at present has
overseas operation bases in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Shanghai. In future, needs
are expected to increase in Thailand, Mexico, and Indonesia. The expertise we
have so far cultivated is expanding the stages of power behind the scenes
supporting the industry beyond countries and regions.