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Pharma System Department

Maintenance work that is capable of retaining the accuracy of
  automatic inspection machines that check drugs

The Pharma System Department handles machines used for
the appearance inspection of drugs at pharmaceutical
companies. Drugs are inspected irrespective of shape,
whether in the solid or liquid state, and medicine
bottles are also inspected.
The machines are available accordingly in four types of inspection machines for
capsules, fine grain and granulated powder, tablets, and vial containers.
With the inspection machine, drugs are inspected for contamination, chipping of
tablet edges, defective shape, mixing of foreign material, defective printing,
etc.. Vial containers are inspected for cracks, foreign materials, etc., in
addition to the above-stated items.

In the evaluation test, which will constitute the contributing
  factor of introducing the system, the major points include
  knowledge, experience, and applied skills.

When a pharmaceutical company is introducing a machine,
the results of the evaluation test constitute the
important factor.
The test is conducted to check whether the inspection
machine conforms to the inspection requirements of the
drug, and the delivery of the machine will be determined according to the test
results. The test is conducted on the spot on samples brought to the showroom by
the customer or salesperson. Therefore, the testing person should have
experience and quick-response technical skills in addition to knowledge of the
machine in question.
Abundant experience and higher-level technologies, including handling,
inspection accuracy, operation technologies, etc., will be the points to be
compared to those of competing companies.
In the future, we will further improve the quality of our machines, and we will
make efforts to develop not only automatic inspection machines, but also
peripheral devices. The pride that we are facing the life of people through a
wide range of maintenance work and tests of drug inspection machines constitutes
the driving force for improvement and the development of our technologies.