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Surface Treatment Technology Department

The products that were borne from the accumulated technologies
  realize laborsaving and the cost effectiveness of printing.

The machines handled by the Surface Treatment Technology Department belong to,
as we say, the special printing field and feature the possibility of printing
and marking on curved surfaces. The machines are used for printing and marking
on a wide range of products in various fields, and the printing covers a wide
variety of products, including household electronic products such as TV sets and
audio equipment, optical devices including cameras, medical products including
injectors and blood transfusion bags for drop infusion, and keyboards for
personal computers.
The Department was established for the purpose of applying special printing on
plastic products manufactured with the injection-molding machine. During the
initial stages, the department handled only the tampo-printing machine made in
Germany. Thereafter, the Company accumulated technologies, and developed our
original product Padpede, which deals with laborsaving and high- and low-speed
lines, and the cost reduction of consumable materials, while featuring a
printing method similar to the tampo printing machine.

Advancing the development of new technologies and printing
  resources, thereby responding to sophisticated and diversified

In addition to printing machines, the Department also handles consumable
materials including tampo transcriptional bodies, inks and plates that are
indispensable to printing, and the corona discharge surface treatment device,
which is indispensable for preparation of printing and for improving the
wettability of materials.
Also, in recent years, as a decorating system substituting printing, we started
to handle laser markers that enable decoration without using inks that also work
effectively on recycling of materials, and the devices are acquiring a favorable
reputation among customers.
There are immeasurable aspects in the impacts that the development of printing
technologies poses on the growth of industries and people's lives.
Furthermore, customer needs are becoming more sophisticated and diversified.
To deal with such changes in the times, the Department works hard day and night
for the development of special printing systems, development and marketing of
printing resources, development of laborsaving and automatization, maintenance
services of machines, etc.

Information on Product Lines

Product Lines  
●Tampo printing machine (TAMPOPRINT®AG, Germany)
●Corona discharge treatment
(Tantec A/S, Denmark)
●Laser markers (Electrox, UK)
●Spray paint plant system (b+m, Germany) 
●Padpede printing machine (Patented product of Daiichi
 Mecha-Tech, Japan)