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Fine Devices Department

Fine Device

The fine device surface-mounting
equipment is indispensable for the
realization of the micro bonding
of bare chips in high quality.
Our technologies contribute to
making improvements in
productivity in the key device
manufacturing field, which
continues to progress day by day.
Our support includes
 the following:
Repair, sales, and
 replacement of parts
Production support,
 delivery of products,
Packing, relocation,
 starting up of products
Various other
 maintenance services

Life Science

Drug discovery screening devices are
indispensable for the development of
new drugs in the medical field. For
example, the devices include a
device where the work to find the
key that matches a complicated
keyhole among a vast number of
candidate keys is performed in the
new drug development process.
Our technologies contribute to
developing new drugs through
maintenance services and support of
such drug discovery screening


We contribute to improving the
productivity of customers' equipment
and maintaining the facilities. We give
shape to the jigs and tools that match
the respective products and the
customers' concept "I wish I had it."
Design/Manufacturing Items
Jigs and tools that support the
 periphery of surface-mounting
Manufacturing of tools, etc. related
 to mounter nozzles, etc.
Manufacturing of various holders for
 wafers and magazines
Modification of facilities and
 manufacturing of jigs and tools