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Used Machinery

Used Machines Business

We are involved in the recycling of used equipment and provide them according to
market demand by utilizing the technologies that were cultivated by our
experience where we have been involved in after-sales service for over 20 years
as the authorized representative of PFSC (former Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co.,
Our ground is that we sell equipment that is repaired mainly by using the later
process equipment of semiconductors (die bonder, wire bonder, etc.) and the SMT
line to customers at economical prices.
We procure equipment taken as trade-ins by Daiichi Jitsugyo when they sell new
equipment or the equipment taken back as the result of scheduled equipment
replacement from the related leasing companies and enterprises. In addition, we
receive inquires directly from customers on idle equipment including the
Daiichi Mecha-Tech acquired ISO 14001 Certification in 2003, and our recycling
business goes in line with the outline of the Standards. Providing the markets
with recycling opportunities by recycling obsolete equipment as idle equipment
means the effective utilization of resources, thereby enabling the reasonable
cost of capital investment by customers.
Reduction in the cost of capital investment will be reflected in the unit prices
of the parts manufactured with such equipment and will affect the competitive
power with competing companies.
In the modern age, all enterprises are making devices and efforts each day
regarding how we can secure profit by eliminating waste without degrading
quality. We will take an active part so that we can be of any help in this

Dispensing System

For bonding of electronic parts, etc., silver pastes, bonds, soldering, etc.,
are used.
The methods include the printing method and the dispensing method. We are
marketing Nordson Asymtek equipment, which has sales achievements throughout the
world for coatings and underfilling with the dispensing method.
For coating, the dispensing systems are used at present for moisture-proof
material coating work, etc., on substrates that use dipping, brush-coating, or
aerosol spraying.
The advantages are as follows:
 Since the coating system is free from scattering, the disposal amount of
  solvent is less.
 Uniform coating is possible even with the non-solvent type coating materials.
 Useless waste solution can be reduced as much as possible.
For underfilling, system application is becoming more popular for flip chip
packages or CSP packages. The method that blows resins in dots to be coated
while not contacting the substrate, unlike the conventional nozzle application
method, enables the coating of micro spaces, and the stability in the coating
amount and coating speed have been improved dramatically. The system is capable
of minimizing resin spread, and the effect prominently appears in dense circuit