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Environmental Activities

We recognize that implementing environmentally conscious business activities is
one of the important social responsibilities. For this purpose, under the
concept that awareness and behaviors by each one of our employees are very
important, we have set up the Quality/Environment Policy and are working hard
with the concerted efforts of all executive officers and employees.

Registration Certification
(ISO 9001 Quality Management System)
Registration Certification
(ISO 14001 Environmental Management System)

Quality/Environment Policy

 Quality Policy
We set up the motto "To provide true solution services that are trusted and
accepted by customers" as our servicing philosophy and lay down the following
items as the Quality Policy.
(1)We will attach importance to the contact point (impression to be left on
   customers) between the customers and our front-line employees, reinforce
   the employee education to secure the service quality that satisfies the
   customer requirements, and voluntarily render necessary activities
   including improvements by each one of the employees, thereby enhancing the
   customer satisfaction.
(2)"Quality" is the essence of an enterprise and constitutes the driving power
   for growing the enterprise. We will review the effectiveness of the Quality
   Objective Management and the Quality Management on a regular basis to
   implement improvements.

 Environment Policy
As an engineering company of the Daiichi Jitsugyo Group, the machinery general
trading company, our main businesses are maintenance services, development of
applied technologies, and development of products covering semiconductor
systems, industrial machines, and exported and imported machines handled by the
Group. Such organizational activities have various environmental aspects and
generate environmental impacts.
We will implement the environmental management to correctly recognize, manage,
and improve the environmental aspects of our business activities under the motto
"We will do what we can do right now to preserve this area and the Earth".
(1)Observe the related laws and regulations and stipulate the voluntary
   standards to the extent possible, thereby further contributing to the
   environmental preservation.
(2)To promote the environmental preservation activities, we will establish an
   organization that enables the entire corporate organization and employees
   to take action.
(3)To promote the management/improvement activities of the environment, we
   will stipulate the environmental objectives and goals as well as the
   framework to review them, preserve the environment, promote the efficiency
   of services, and reduce servicing costs, thereby continuously improving the
   Environmental Management System and take preventive measures for pollution.
   @Improvement of a percentage of rejects, loss rate, and operation rate in
    terms of improvement in engineering capabilities.
   APromotion of efficiency and operation recovery time of services in terms
    of utilization of information and communication.
   BRecycling of resources (machines) by development of the used machine
    recycling business.
(4)We will disclose the Environmental Policy and the implementation state of
   our environmental management and improvement activities.
June 2, 2014
President  Takanori Ogura