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Electronic Precision Department

Severe eyes of professionals, watching everything at the global standard of advanced machines in every detail

The surface-mounting devices handled by the Electronic Precision Department are the fruit of state-of-the-art technologies of which Japan boasts.
It is able to say that the extreme precision, correctness, and speed thereof have supported high technologies in Japan.
The substrates manufactured with the surface-mounting devices are indispensable for every sort of product covering video equipment, including TV sets and VCRs to products in the multimedia field, including personal computers and communication equipment.
The Precision Machines Department does their best with the severe eyes of professionals so that the surface-mounting devices being operated in the micron-order world can always exert their performance to the fullest.
Our abundant knowledge and experience, as well as the latest technologies, collectively support state-of-the-art and precision machines that continue improving on a daily basis.
They also contribute to accurately dealing with all sorts of problems to enhance productivity.

Improving cost-effectiveness through system management for sustaining capabilities

Under the circumstances that competition with overseas manufacturers as a result of economic growth and the enhancement of cost effectiveness are demanded at the production sites along with productivity and promotion of effectiveness. In particular, for electronic parts, competition with overseas products is unavoidable since the targets are global markets.
The problem will be how effectively reliable products could be produced and supplied in a stable way. For this purpose, the performance of machines must always be retained. For machines, abrasion or deterioration in performance of parts during long-term use is unavoidable.
The department considers maintenance services not only from the viewpoints of dealing with problems or repairs, but also from larger viewpoints. Through management of the whole production system, which will not deteriorate the capacity at the initial stage of introduction, they contribute to improving cost effectiveness.

Business Line